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Scope and Equipment of Services

Throoughput0.5 to 1.0 TPH1.0 TPH2.0 to 4.0 TPH
Palm Fruit Bunch Cutting
Palm Fruit Bunch Sterilisation
Palm Fruit Bunch Stripping
Palm Fruit Digestion
Palm Fruit Pressing
Crude Palm Oil Clarification
Crude Palm Oil DryingOptional extra
Palm Oil Refining
Palm Nut and Fibre SeparationOptional extraOptional extra
Palm Nut Cracking and ShellingVisit www.alvanblanchgroup.com
Palm Kernel Oil ExpellingVisit www.alvanblanchgroup.com
Finished Product Bulk StorageBuyer's Responsibility
Product Handling
Water Systems
Water SupplyBuyer's Responsibility
Electrical SystemsOptional Extra
Electrical SupplyBuyer's Responsibility
Biomass Fired Heat Source
POME PondingBuyer's Responsibility
Groundworks and ConcreteBuyer's Responsibility
Production BuildingBuyer's Responsibility
Supervision of InstallationBuyer's Responsibility
After Sales Support


WACAPOL’s design engineers have developed a compact vertically integrated design at the beating heart of its mills.

The intelligent design not only saves space – for shipping and installation footprint – but also uses gravity to feed product from the Stripper through the Digester and Screw Press into the Crude Oil Tank. There is no need for expensive and maintenance intensive conveyors and associated spare parts. The Screw Press and Crude Oil Tank can be removed in their frame at the base of the unit simply with a pallet truck for easy inspection and maintenance.

The unit pictured is at the heart of our Semi-Industrial mills and has capacity to process 2.0 tonnes of FFB per hour.

Our “Mini-Mill” uses the bottom half of the unit, without the Stripper, for direct feed of stripped fruit from the Cooker into the Digester.

Our “Micro-Mill” uses the Press only, but the Digester can be added as an option.

The components – Stripper, Digester and Screw Press – are also available as stand-alone units.

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